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In anticipation of a camping adventure along the Kern river, my brother Flash Buddy mailed me his Flip MinoHD. What a great toy. I was up and running without instructions and completed my first clip; “Randy Washing the Trailer” immediately. I used the Flip’s built in software to upload the clip to FlipShare:

I didn’t know it came with instructions. Flash Buddy pointed out they were hiding under the tray in the box. I poked my finger in the little hole and pulled up the tray and there they were!

First Video (Final Cut)

[media id=2]

One Thing Leads to Another

It was suggested by my bro to setup a YouTube account and share my video productions with the world. That didn’t go so good as one must have a Gmail account before they can have a YouTube account. I started setting up a Gmail account and got lost, frustrated and foiled. Flash Buddy bailed me out by setting up my account remotely. He went on to setup my YouTube too. Check it out!